hydraulic overload protection system

Method of air Drain from Hydraulic Overload Protector.

( when you use overload protector at first time or re -supply oil)

Locate the air drain bolt then follow the following procedure:-

Adjust air regulator to 2-3kg/cm2.

Turn the air drain bolt anti-clockwise around 1/4 -1/2 circle, and then pump starts working.

wait for around 20 seconds in order to exhaust air compeletly.

hydraulic overload protection system
hydraulic overload protection system

Turn the air drain bolt clockwise to fasten it, and then pump starts working ( hydraulic pressure is rising).

If the pump still working.  It means the air didn’t exhausted compeletly, please repeat steps above till air is exhausted compeletly.

Adjust air regulator to required pressure.

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