Types of Welded Joints

Welding:- Welding is a process in which localized coalescence (permanent joint) is produced by heating the material upto suitable temperature with or without application of filler material. If filler material is different from base material it is heterogeneous welding. Types of Welded Joints:- There are different types of welded joints for bringing two parts together […]

ultrasonic machining

Non-Conventional Machining Process

These are known as unconventional method because compared to convention method there is no contact between tool and workpiece, specific power consumption is very large, metal removal rate is low and is used for machining very hard materials for precision work. The following Un-conventional machining (Non-conventional machining) processes are:- Ultrasonic machining (USM) AJM (Abrasive Jet […]


Mechanical Properties of Metal

Mechanical Properties:- 1.) Elasticity: – It is the property by virtue of which a material deformed under the load is enabled to return to its original dimension when the load is removed. Important points about Elasticity:- ¬†If body regains completely its original shape it is called Perfectly Elastic body. ¬†Elastic Limit marks the partial break […]