hydraulic overload protection system

Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Overload Protector

Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Overload Protector in Power press machine

hydraulic overload protection system
hydraulic overload protection system
Trouble Cause Step of Solution
Pump works non stop Air does’nt exhausted or not compeletly. Air Drain.
Pump suction air because oil in tank isn’t enough. Refill Oil to tank.
Air Drain.
Pump does’nt work Air supply is turn OFF. Open the air supply.
Air pressure for driving pump isn’t enough or lower than normal working pressure. Adjust air pressure more than 2Kg/cm2
Solenoid valve is out of order. Cahnge the solenoid valve.
Pump is out of order. Change the pump.
Pump works intermittently oil is leaking from outer pipeline. Check where is leaking and fasten it.
Oil is leaking inside overload protector. Change the overload protector.
Oil is leaking from inside of slide. Ask press manufacturer to fix it.
overload protector starts to release oil, but press still has not reached tonnage capicity Air pressure is set too low. Adjust air pressure regulator to normal working pressure.
Air pressure gauge is trouble. Change the air pressure gauge.
Overload protector function is normal, but electric signal output is abnormal Wire to fall off of pressure switch. Check the wire connection from the panel to pressure switch.
Wire connection for pressure switch is wrong. Correct the wire connection.
pressure switch is malfunctioning. Please contact manufacturer


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